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Affordable Solar Power Systems: The Secret that Can Save You a Large Portion of Your Electricity Bill

Electricity prices are increasing exponentially, especially in South Africa where Eskom’s average annual price increase is 16% (Eskom Tariffs). Utility companies know that everybody needs power, electricity is a necessity for most people, and consumers will have to pay the prices they set. In South Africa Eskom has a monopoly on the power market, they can basically charge what they want.

Most people don’t know this, but it is actually possible to generate power yourself for a fraction of the cost you pay for grid power. Solar energy can quite easily be harnessed to power your home safely and economically. This makes you independant from the national power grid, so you are immune to blackouts and load shedding while still being able to draw power from the grid if you need to.

Now you might be thinking how is that possible when residential solar systems can cost R30,000 to R80,000 to install. Well the thing is you don’t need to buy solar panels and have them installed by someone else, the secret to affordable solar power systems is that you can make and install the solar panels yourself. You can build your own solar system from readily available parts. You can find out exactly how to do it with an expert guide created by an experienced electrician who was sick of depending on the power grid and decided to share his solution.

Power4Home is a set of DVD’s and manuals explaining exactly how to do everything you need to know to build and install your own solar panels. The materials you will need cost about $200 or R1660. Of course it will take a few days of your time as well. The video says that anyone can do this but I think you do need some basic skills like knowing how to use electric drills, skrewdrivers, glue, saws and so on. The video says that thousands of people have sucessfully used this guide to convert their house to run on solar and cut their power bill to zero or even have the electric company pay them for extra power they produce.

The guide includes the following components that will be shipped to your house (shipping is free)

  • DVD’s and manuals on how to build you own solar panels
  • How to install and wire up the system
  • How to build a wind generator
  • How to make batteries to store your power
  • Life time support

The Power4Home guide costs $49.97 or R415 with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

See what John Russel, the electrician who created the Power4Home system has to say in this video.


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